The beach house is located in front of the authorized beach with all relevant activities: swimming, surfing (all kinds), boating and fishing (outside the authorized beach area), it is next to the famous Caesarea Golf club and Roman empire restorations.

The area next to the beach on the South is a nature reserve with sand cliffs and lots of Hiking trails.

A swimming pool and SPA is located 400m from the house in Kfar Hayam Hotel (need to pay)

Farm with Horse riding is located about 2 Km from the house to the South (Michmoret)

Caesarea is located about 4 Km North with lots of restaurants and night life, 2 Museums (Salvador Dali originals), free entrance.  Caesarea Roman empire restorations are very famous and interesting place to visit, the famous Golf Club in Caesarea for those who play Golf and other activities including live shows at the large Roman amphitheater.

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